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Cars Are The Future Of Energy Storage

A number of years ago, one of the smartest entrepreneurs in the electric industry (as evidenced by the timing of his sale of generating assets to a big energy producer) bought a hybrid car. He said it was a mobile... Read More

How Blockchain Is Transforming The Energy Industry

Commodity and energy trading houses have proven that they can adapt their business model in an economy that imposes more capital requirements and regulations every day. These companies have invested millions of dollars in the last decade to build efficient... Read More

LNG Becomes A Buyer’s Market

The world’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) market has dramatically changed over the past few years. Continuously growing supply has led to a glut, and the U.S. starting LNG exports has led to more flexible contract terms. LNG trade is increasingly... Read More

Democrats signal shift to the right for 2018 campaign

DNC Chairman Tom Perez nominated a slate of candidates for top party committees that excluded several longtime activists who backed Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton. Source link... Read More

Oil Nears $52 With Record OPEC Deal Compliance

WTI prices closed in on $52 a barrel on Monday as OPEC reported record compliance to its 10-month old output reduction agreement. A slowdown in North American drilling coincided with the industry cartel’s announcement, which propped up hopes of a... Read More

Over 5,000 sign WSWS petition against Google blacklisting

The broad and passionate response from workers, students and youth in the United States and internationally is indicative of widespread opposition to censorship and attacks on democratic rights. Source link... Read More

Trump, local officials lie about real extent of Puerto Rico disaster

Three weeks since the devastating storm hit, there is a concerted campaign by the Trump administration and local government authorities to conceal the full scope of the disaster. Source link... Read More

Infographic: LNG and Japan – the impact of market liberalization

Japan may emerge as a forerunner towards a LNG trading hub in the region, facilitated by the Platts JKM™ LNG spot price benchmark. Fuente... Read More

Impact of Hurricanes on oil prices

Harvey, making landfall as a Category 4 hurricane, battered southeast Texas a few days ago. Though downgraded to a tropical storm later on, it left a trail of massive destruction including loss of lives, in its wake. With many parts... Read More

Shell Restarts Louisiana Refinery After Last Week’s Fire

Royal Dutch Shell restarted over the weekend all but one units of its 227,586-bpd Convent refinery in Louisiana, sources told Reuters on Monday, after the facility was shut down last Tuesday following a fire at a substation. A Shell-owned transformer... Read More